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Managed & Built by: Kirsty Burgoine

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London based client, Mike Bracken is the current head of Government Digital Services (GDS) and he is currently a large part of one of the most important projects the UK has ever seen, the complete revamp, design and rebuild of .GOV.UK.


His previous role before joining the Cabinet Office was as the Director of Digital Development at Guardian News & Media.


Mike basically wanted a no frills website that served as an information portal of all his projects, events, reviews and articles.

The Challenges

1. To take a mass of information, structure it, organise it, make it informative and functional whilst giving it some design value without it being trendy or flashy and would not date quickly.

A real back to basics approach was required as this also reflected Mike's personality and working method.


2. Had to be fully responsive, accessible and updatable by the client with ease.


A tough challenge for both Kirsty and I as having always designed and built sites that have an edge, were dealing with client from the major leagues who didnt require this and we had to come up trumps!

With simplicity being the key element we set to work developing the branding and the website using simple design with subtle styling as it would be the content that would be focus.


Mike liked black & white and simple typography which gave us a platform to create a magazine style layout whilst being very careful with heirarchy and space so not to over popluate the viewing area as this site would be very text heavy.


This project proved to both of us that our knowledge, skill and experience is up there with the big players and that a small independent collaboration can deliver the same level expected from a top level agency.